Educational activities in Burundi

Pedagogy and equipment

Visite de l'Ecole Internationale de Bujumbura

The CACI, major actor in Burundi

Depuis 1982

If the CACI played and plays a major role in the relations Alsace-Burundi, it is by leaning on the sport and in particular the judo. This is due to the history and to the links which weaved between our two regions from 1982, but which regrettably slackened afterward, to be reborn in the 2000s.

However, we had he feeling it was necessary to make something different for the young Burundians and it seemed to us evident that we could act in the field of the education where needs in materials/equipments are so important.

But what was necessary to undertake, with whom and how to make it?
So I left to Bujumbura, in November 2006, to try to give an overview of the most urgent needs of schools. Above all, we had to see if our teaching and theirs were not incompatible. The answer was clear after visiting three important schools, we found that the education system in Burundi was following the French system: same program in French (although their language, Kirundi, is of course teached).

Bibliothèque de l'Ecole Internationale

Variety of needs

Burundi teachers with whom we have discussed, have indicated their needs: school and library books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, educational materials, laboratory, sports ...

Upon our return, we asked many colleagues in primary and secondary levels and gathered a motley material coming from schools, libraries and individuals. We have had to to sort, label, store to send things into good condition - and we want to do so.

Our major concern is obviously the delivery to a country without railways and major communication network.

First shipments

Thanks to a German professor from Albstadt - German town twinned with Chambery - we could send a few cubic meters of books for different schools we have visited (one part for Bisoro and one part to the Burundian Judo Federation, which can then distribute them in partner institutions).

Tri des livres chez Humanis (Strasbourg)

For them, any book is a treasure and it is clear that when they have one, they take great care of it. It must be noted that the "waste" made by us makes happy children there.

We continue our harvest to fulfill our own container that we seek to finance.

Objective French Speaking World

Following discussions with our colleagues from Africa, we believe that the next action will be on another level: pedagogy and teaching methods. An early discussion has already taken place with high school teachers.

We are pleased that the French language holds a prominent place in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Marie-Odile Messner
Educational expertise

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