The "Centre Alsacien de Coopération Internationale"

A bridge between worlds

History of the CACI

Created in 1958 on the basis of Center of Cultural and Social Co-operation (CCCS), structure itself resulting from old resistance networks, the association known as “Centre Alsatien de Coopération Internationale” (CACI) works in the field of creating services in nonlucrative matter, as well on the national plan as international, in the fields of animation, intercultural exchange, formation, communication, management. Let us specify that this association, which counts 34 members, is entirely managed by the voluntary ones.

Le CCCS, ancêtre du CACI - The CCCS, ancestor of the CACI

The CACI was already characterized for a long time by:

  • The welcome of foreign sporting delegations (South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Canada, Czech Republic…)
  • The organization of sporting and cultural exchanges (inter-University)
  • The support to cultural projects (theatre)
  • The organization of international training courses

The responsables of the project

Bernard Messner

Presiident of the CACI
Chairman of the Judo Technical Committee in FISU until 2007
« Expert » for Olympic Solidarity and French Judo Federation (Senegal, Congo Brazzaville, Burundi, Tchad, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, RDC, Maroc, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt)
7th dan in judo
6 times in Burundi (1982, 84, 86, 2000, 2006, 2007)

Nicolas Messner

Vice president of the CACI
Project Manager
Autor photographer (
Graduated in Physics and Technology
Judo State teacher judo 2nd level (3rd Dan)
High level judoka from 1989 to 1996
7 times in Burundi (1986, 2000, times in 2006, 2007, two times 2008)

Frédéric Barthélémy

General Secretary of CACI
Educational Chairman
Head of the service in an educational center for children
Experimented of teaching in specialized prevention
Graduated with a Professionnal Master  « Social practices of Insertion »
President of the association Scolidarité Afrique (
State teacher 1st level (3rd dan)
High level judoka from 1993 to 2002
7 times in Burundi (2007 and two times in 2008)

Marie-Odile Messner

Member of the Executif Committee of the CACI
Educative Expert
Retired Teacher (primary school)
Responsible of the studying of the  high level sport center in Strasbourg from 1993 to 2004 (17 sports)
two times in Burundi (1984, 2007)

David Charles

Member of the Executive Committe of the CACI
Sport Chairman
Regional Technical Advisor at the Ligue d’Alsace de Judo
Head Coach of the Pôle Espoir de Strasbourg
Sophrolog et mental preparer
State Teacher 2nd level (4th dan)
High level judoka from 1991 to 2000
4 times in Burundi (2006, 2007, two times in 2008)

Amina Abdelhatif

Member of the CACI
Female Responsable
Regional Technical Advisor of the Ligue d'Alsace de Judo
Head Coach of the Pôle Espoir de Strasbourg
Former membrer of the French National Team
Three times Team European Champion (1998/1999/2002)
3rd at the individual European Championship 2002
5th at the individual World Championship 2001
Winter of the International Paris Tournament 2004
1 time in Burundi (2008)

Denis Reymann

Member of the CACI
Member of the High level center of Strasbourg
Graduated in the field of sport for handicaped people
2 times in Burundi (200§ and 2008)

What do we do ?

  1. To ensure the logistic of the projects
  2. To provide the organisational interface between the various actors
  3. To take teaching actions on the field in collaboration with the LAJ
  4. To develop actions with educational and social vocation
  5. To organize the raising of funds
  6. To communicate on the human values which we defend


4 rue Feil
67540 Ostwald

tél.: 06 75 22 39 31

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