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To manage as well as possible in spite of a difficult situation

An important tool

The web site

In April 2006, the idea of creating a web site for the Federation raised up. A few months later, the dream came true wuh the help of the 2exVia Agency which offers the plateform to the Federation to be able to be autonomous on that particular point.


Since many years we act in Burundi in close cooperation with the members of the Burundian Judo Federation who show every day that they have a wonderfull will to develop their society through sport and judo in particular. In 1991, the creation of a national federation, whereas the judo had been already established in the country for several decades, aimed to allow a development of the sporting practice in order to animate the youth of the country. But the situation in Burundi doesn't facilitate much the job.

At the time of our first actions, we were only responsibles of judo on a technical level. The purpose of those first exchanges was  to bring the necessary luggage to development judo in the country.

Very quickly, it seemed obvious that a development of the practice with the objective of giving again a dynamic of social rebuilding, could pass only by in-depth work of structuring, administrating and managing the federation.

Since 2006, date of our return to Burundi, we thus ensure also a strong support in the sectors of administration and management. That must make possible that the FBJ becomes a little better structured every day.

General Goals

  • How to nuilt a project
  • Development of a communication plan
  • Definition of the goals of teaching and of the means to reach the objectives
  • Help with the organization of the championship of the East Africa 2008 in Bujumbura (22 and February 23, 2008), and the 2nd judo championship of Burundi (July 5, 2008)
  • Follow-up of the development plan of the Burundian Judo Federation over four years (presented officially in November 2006)
  • Management of the Internet web site of the Burundian Judo Federation (
  • Help the local sporting authorities to be more autonomous
  • Keep accompanying the federation and the clubs in the new needs which they will be confronted with
  • Creation of a club per annum during four years

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