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Our support for the development of the judo to make a tool for social rebuilding does not arise from yesterday. Indeed, the first stays in Burundi go back to the ' beginning of the 80'. During all the first phase, our exchanges consisted mainly of a contribution to improve the technical and teaching knowledges so that judo, already present since more than 30 years in the middle of Africa, can take its essort.

The number of members and the sporting and educational policy of that time were satisfied with the material present on the spot. Let's say that it was really  the strict minimum.

Diagran of our action plan in Burundi

Since 2006, date of resumption of the very regular contacts with Burundi, even if training courses had taken place in 2001 and if we had also welcome in France the representatives of the Burundian judo in the past, the requirement in material is cruelly felt for an harmonious and structured development of the practice.

The recent administrative structuring work undertaken by the Burundian Federation causes today a strong demand in material needs. The potential judokas are there, the schools partners wait that activities can be setted down and wait only one thing: arrival of materials to start an educational and formative activity, exempting true values of help and mutual prosperity.

Precisely, it is in the field of help dédicated to the schools which we intend to be very active. To collect books in France is not a real problem. The problem is to send them all. We work actively on the sending of a container which could satisfy all our Burundian partners.

1st sending

In collaboration with the association of “the Friends of Burundi”, we were able, in spring 2007, to send 300 kilos of French schoolbooks, mathematics, and of the dictionaries for the Internationale school of Bujumbura, as well as 24 tatamis, forty kimonos, and belts offered to the Burundian Judo Federation.

We helped the association to disassemble medical apparatuses of the hospital of Nantua (Ain - France). Thus they pleasantly granted us place in a container in departure for the hospital of Gitega.

We have had the immense chance at the time of our stay on the spot (of June 27th to July 10th, 2007) of being able to be present to take delivery of the material sent, in company of members of the Burundian Federation of Judo, and eminent representatives of the Ministry for Burundian Health. We then could give the school handbooks to the Internationale school of Bujumbura.

2nd sending

At the beginning of year 2008, we collected nearly two tons of school and library books which were conveyed in Burundi via Germany. The commune of Bisoro which has a twinning with the town of Chambéry is regularly made equip with books and material for the schools through a German financial aid programme.

We helped to supplement the container to be sent. Part of the books we have collected returns directly to the commune of Bissoro while other part is allotted to the Burundian Federation which will be able to offer them to its schools partners.

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