to Educate

To form the spirit, to develop its intellectual
and physical capacities


In addition to the educational dimension of judo and to the use of this support in order to look for a way of living together, we want to transmit strong human values. Thus, Turikumwe is addressed directly to schools, to support them in their step of accessing to education and knowledge.

Indeed, the contacts tied in 2006 were fertile in teaching, and in particular made possible to realize that the right to education of the children is not exerted. And one can deplore that it is the case everywhere in the same way and under the same conditions.

We wished to work, in Burundi, to promote the access to education, and as judo specialist, we want to do that through sport.

Our educational partners

Since 2006, we wove, thanks to our friends of the Burundian Judo Federation, a network of shools which are ready to follow us in our programme of education by sport. You will find a small card below which identifies each one them.

International School of Bujumbura

  • Private, mixed with externat and non-confessional School founded July the 21st 1989 by a non-profit association
  • Nursery school (3-5years old)
  • Primary school (6-11years old)
  • Seocndary School (12-18years old)
  • 1400 pupils
  • Children coming from Bujumbura, Burundi but also from Rwanda, Congo, Tanzania
  • Objectives:  to develop intellectual and morals values of excellence, unit, wisdom and peace, self-respect and respect of the others using sport, theatre, music, dance...

Gikungu College - Bujumbura - Mutanga district

  • Public and mixed School founded in 1998
  • 900 pupils
  • 40 teachers but only one sport teacher, Niyongabo Vital, also member of the Judo Federation
  • The library of the college is very slightly equipped in books
  • Sports equipments are almost totally out of order

Gasenyi secondary School - Northern peripheral district

  • Public school founded in 2004
  • 500 pupils in an unstable zone two years ago (presence of rebels)
  • 6 classes (80 per classe…)
  • 17 teachers
  • Nzitunga Aimé, sport teacher and member of the Judo federation
  • everything is missing

Sainte Famille school – Urban community of Kinama (Northern district)

  • Public School founded in 1996 during the civil war
  • 247 pupils but thousands of children in the district
  • 25 teachers
  • Karabagega Paterne, sport teacher and member of the Judo Federation
  • No library, lack of equipments

Œuvre Humanitaire pour la Protection et le Développement de l’Enfant en difficulté (OPDE)

  • This center accomodates and proposes a professional training to orphans
  • Two sites: one for young boys and one for young girls
  • No physic activity proposed but seems interesting to initiate.

Specific objectives

  • To answer the needs for socialization of the teenagers and help them in their identity research
  • To make possible for the young people to express themselve through a practice conveying values of respect and exchanges
  • To allow populations to foresee the conditions of the “live together”
  • To take part to the creation of a social life around the judo club of judo
  • To support the emergence of a responsible and citizen spirit by the practice of a martial art
  • To initiate judo with young non judokas
  • To propose to isolated public (i.e orphan) to practice socioeducational activities.
  • To create a perennial and direct partnership with schools (primary and secondary).

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