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Container Souscription

6000 euros


6000 euros, it is the amount which we must find to finance the sending of the first container to Burundi. It is a little, compared to the distance (maritime and lorry transport) and much for a small voluntary association like ours. You can help us by sending your gifts by cheque to the following addresse :

Association CACI
4 rue Feil
67540 Ostwald


To convey sporting and teaching material

Due to the size the Turikumwe project is going to have, it becomes imperative that we can convey sporting and teaching material in Burundi. We currently work by collecting the various elements which could be sent by maritime and road container.

Sporting material

Our many contacts in the sporting field, allow us to consider that collecting tatamis, judogis but also other sporting equipments (balloons, shirts….) can be considered optimistically. We remain however interested by any information likely to help us in this task.

today, in Burundi, for the practice of judo, the needs to have tatamis but also judogis and belts is huge. The current and future judokas are on standby of our support.

Teaching equipments

The subject is so wide, that it is materially impossible for us to disperse our assistance. That's why we have chosen to help the structures which are indicated by our interlocutors of the Burundian Federation of Judo.

Thus, if a teacher from a school is also judo teacher, we begin, in partnership with the head of the school to support the creation of a club. This club will become a center of animation during school time but also out of this one, to socially animate the district.

In exchange, we help the structure by sending teaching equipments (schoolbooks, library books, materials of laboratory, computers….). We collect books and other elements which can enter in this category.

Medical device
During our preceding stays in Burundi, we had the opportunity to have very interesting contacts with the medical world. In this field, everything must be done and we go forward very slowly on a sector often already cleared by others. For the sending of the first container, we have nevertheless already collected medical devices.

You have sporting, teaching (or medical) equipments, please contact us via the contact form of the web site.

Already sent

June 2007

In 2007, associated with the association " Friends of Burundi" we took part in a sending of medical device to Gitega's hospital, in the center of the country. In exchange of our assistance, we have had the possibility to convey sporting equipements (tatamis and judogis) and also teaching equipments.

February 2008

Thanks to the partnership agreements between the town of Chambéry, Germany and the commune of Bisoro in Buurndi, we sent three complete pallets of school and library books. One pallet and half returns directly to the Commune of Bisoro to equip its schools, the second part being allotted to the Burundian Federation which will be able to support its partners.

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