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Concerning Judo

In Burundi, Judo remains a little known activity, and thus requires particular strains to allow better national and international recognition. This must be done to support the development of the youth from the sporting and socioeducational point of view. We think that the practice of a martial art such as judo makes possible to positively channel the violence which remains unfortunately very present in a society which underwent a so long crisis.

For that purpose, the Burundian Judo Federation wishes to obtain adapted material and perennial infrastructures to welcome new judokas, but also to organize events to give the desire to play judo. In order to develop itself, the Federation must be able from now on to be able to work with different publics (girls, orphans, young people of less than 14 years, adults of more than thirty years, military etc…) and to set up adequate pedagogy. Their request also lies in the acquisition of the international rules of refereeing, and in the training of the “Katas” (codified techniques).

Our interlocutors always showed an huge will to develop the activity but are unceasingly slowed down by the economic conditions and social precarious of the country. After having supported them since long years, we remain at their side in this key moment of the history of the Federation. Indeed, since its creation in 1991, the Burundian Federation of Judo was in a phase of construction and rebuilding; it enters from now on the era of the development.

General Goals

Training of the Burundian judokas to the methods of training (in particular for young people), to the techniques of judo, and the refereeing.

  • Development of the fundamental technical skills
  • Improvement of the methods and the planning training
  • Training of the katas (codified techniques)
  • Training of pedagogies adapted to the different publics
  • Organisation of  debates based on history of judo, high level competition, sport in society etc…
  • Rise in the level of practice (in constant progression since the creation of the Burundian Federation of judo in 1991)
  • Training and improvement of the refereing
  • Open “the simple” discovery of the judo to the physical-activity in general
  • Give more means to develop the female practice.

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