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Old Belgian colony independent since 1962, Burundi is a small country of East Africa located in the area of the Big lakes. This country with “thousand hills” is surrounded by the Democratic republic of Congo and the Tanganyika Lake in the West, Rwanda in the North and Tanzania in the East and the South.

Very damaged by the civil war (1993 to 2006 - interethnic conflict between Hutus and Tutsis as in Rwanda), Burundi tries now, after the last peace agreements signed in December 2008, to rebuilt itself, alleviate the social strains and to be opened towards the outside after one long period of international insulation.

The population is divided overall into three ethnicities: the Hutus (approximately 85% of the total population), Tutsis (approximately 14%) and Twas (approximately 1%).


A country to be discovered

In this heading that we wish the most ludic possible, we will travel with you in a beautiful trip: the one we do at each of our sessions in Burundi.

Since April 2006, we were more than 4 times on the spot, in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi, but we also had the opportunity to discover the rest of the country, its landscapes, its people. Come with us and all together we will leave for a beautiful voyage.

Some figures about Burundi

  • Population : 7 300 000 inhabitants
  • 46.3 % of the population is under 15
  • Surface : 27830 km2
  • Density : 223 inhab/km2

Let us retain some significant indicators of the state of great social and economic instability in which this landlocked country is plunged:

  • Life expectancy in 2004 : 44 years old
  • Infant mortality : 114‰ (France : 4,2‰)
  • Average national income (2005) : 100$US/year/inhab.
  • Indicator of human development in 2003 : 0,378 (169th/177)
  • Rate of elimination of illiteracy of the adults : 59%
  • Registered at primary school: 59%
  • Rate of schooling in the secondary
    • Male: 14%
    • Female: 10%

  • Rate of frequentation in the secondary

    • Male: 6%
    • Female: 6%

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