The spirit of Judo

To help a country under reconstruction


Click the image below to download the report of our last visit to Burundi in October and November 2008 (PDF format - 4,9Mo)

Turikumwe report - October/November 2008


More than 30 elements of tatamis have been given by the "Judo Club de Dettwiller" (North Alsace). Thank you very much to the responsables of the club. With those tatamis, we will be able to open more than one clubin Bujumbura.


European Development Days

Jean-Jacques Nyienimigabo, Ministre de la Jeunesse, des sports et de la Culture (Youth, Sport and Culture)

At the occasion of the European Development Days, organized in Strasbourg from November eht 15th to the 17th, we were pleased to meet Burundian personalities. The most eminent was the Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Jean-Jacques Nyienimigabo. But were also present the mayor of Bujumbura or several ambassadors of Burundi in Europe (France, Belgium, Italy).
We made these few days profitable to make a precise point on our commitment in Burundi. Thank you to all our interlocutors who allow us to give even more credit to our action.

What we do

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What does it mean ?

It is a word in Kirundi (the official mother language of Burundi) which means "All together". Thank you to Viator, a young judoka from the Burundian Judo Federation, who found the name of our project.

The actors

Who are we ?

The Centre Alsacien de Coopération Internationnale (CACI) : created in 1958. It is the association on which we base all our actions in France.

The Fédération Burundaise de Judo (FBJ) : created in 1991. It is the co-leader of the Turikumwe project and it is our relay in Burundi for all the actions of the Turikumwe project.

in partnership with

The Ligue d'Alsace de Judo (LAJ) : it is the judo technical reference for all the projects

1st Judogi Pyramid

From August 23rd to 28th, on the occasion of the Judo World Championships in Paris, France

On the occasion of World Judo Championships to be held from August 23rd to 28th, in Paris, a large collection operation of judogi will be organized by our team in partnership with the French Judo Federation and the International Judo Federation. The collected judogi will be used for sports projects like the IJF projects: "Judo for Peace" and "Judo for Children". The judogi will also be used in local porjects like the "100 black belts" activity in France. Judogi: it is a rare thing for many judoka. It is now time to turn the judo motto "Mutual aid and prosperity" and to add "not only words". With this action, that is what we are gonna do. Green Hill, master supplier of the IJF and Adidas, official sponsor of the French Judo Federation, will be associated to the project and will offer a 30% immediate discount to buy a new judogi, for every body who will drop off a judogi on the pyramid.

Arrival of the Container

Our container with all the equipment has just arrived in N'Djamena after a long journey. The warehouse, which has been made available by the French Embassy and the commitment of Patrick Bonfils from the French Cooperation, is now full of supplies. More than a week was necessary to sort everything out. The first equipment will be sent to Abéché, in the North-East of the country. 50 tatamis will be delivered by the French Army (Epervier) - a noble gesture from them - that will allow us to develop our sport in a region which was badly affected by the nearby Darfour conflict. Many refugee camps are present in that region and judo will help us to build a better society.

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2nd edition of the N'Djamena Judo Tournament

The Marriage of Sport and Education

35°C, the city of N’Djamena is waking up under a blazing sun. Dust fills the streets of the Chadian capital. But early in the morning, the judoka who take part in the 2nd edition of the International Tournament of the city of N’Djamena do not really care about the weather. They are already focused on the upcoming competition. Organized by the Chadian Judo Federation, led by its dynamic president, Abakar Djerma, the tournament is beginning to acquire a certain reputation in the region and is especially a good practical exercise for the organizing committee, which has worked for many weeks to ensure the success of the meeting. This type of competition is important for federations that often have financial and logistical problems. It helps to acquire the necessary experience to participate in higher levels of competition (continental and international). The results achieved by the Chadian federation perfectly illustrate the work undertaken during recent years. Indeed, two judoka from N’Djamena have now joined the Olympic Training Centre in Algiers. The young Carine Ngarlemdana, before joining the center supported and promoted by the IJF, won a bronze medal at the African Junior Championships last year. She now has the Olympic dream in mind. READ MORE

1st Women's Black Belt in Burundi

Rachel Irakoze

Rachel Irakoze received from Bernard Messner's hands (black belt 7th dan), the first black belt ever attributed to a woman in Burundi. After years of promotion, judo is able to show now that it is really an open minded sport, perfectly adapted to the mission that we are conducting together with the Burundian Judo Federation. This black belt is a historical moment and for sure, it will be followed by many others.

The Wheels of our Action

Click on the different wheels to discover all the aspects of the Turikumwe project.

New Partner

Being the Master Supplier of The IJF, Green Hill is the trusted and Prime partner of Turikumwe. Green Hill is involved in many CSR projects around the world. "Not only words!", at the upcoming Judo world championship, Green Hill is offering a 30% Immediate discount if you drop off one or more Judogi at the Judogi Pyramid in Paris-Bercy. Additionally, Green Hill is offering a Green Hill Branded T-shirts and one Kid Judogi to everybody who will drop off 4 Judogi on the Judogi Pyramid. Collected Judogi will enable the further development of educational programs driven by the IJF, The Judo for Peace and Judo for Children Commissions, in partnership with the French Judo Federation. This is true solidarity coupled with great support, The Traditional Green Hill way! If you like to know more, please do visit us at World Championship Exhibition Booth.

Our partners

New Mission

In Burundi

Our team was again present on the field, in Burundi, last November for the second time this year. Before the publication of the final report, we are pleased to announce that the results of that second trip to the Great Lake Region, are particularly positive. Burundi has now its first woman's black belt. Many equipments were distributed throughout the country and new classrooms were opened in our partner schools.

The container

With the support of the Peace and Sport Organization, we were able to send for the second year in a row, a container full of equipments to Burundi. But this year, the equipments will be also distributed to Rwanda, which has entered our program in 2010.

Active Co-operation

Bujumbura November the 6th 2008

On the occasion of our last trip closing ceremony which has been held from October 22nd to November 7th, 2008, in Bujumbura, the CACI and the FBJ officially signed a cooperation agreement with an aim of reinforcing the Turikumwe project. From now on, Turikumwe is a bicephalous project whose two responsible entities are the "Centre Alsacien de Coopération Internationale" and the "Fédération Burundaise de Judo", in close cooperation with the Ligue d'Alsace de Judo.This agreement was signed in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture of Burundi and the Executive secretary of the Olympic National Committee of Burundi.


Last September 2008, the "FCPE d' Alsace" gave us more than one ton of schoolbooks which will be conveyed soon in Burundi. Thank you to the FCPE.

Situation géographique du Burundi


Follow us

Since many years, we go to Burundi. We invit you to follow us, to discover what the Country looks like.

New tatamis

L'équipe du club de Hoenheim - Team of the Hoenheim Judo Club

We want to thank warmly the Judo Club of Hoenheim (near Strasbourg) which gave us their old tatamis. Actually they have changed these and when Guy Margogne from Pass'port Company has explained to the President of the club that it would be possible to send the tatamis to Burundi to help the construction of new judo association, the answer was immediatly positive.
We have now approximatly 100 elements which gives us the possibility to open at least four new clubs.

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